'Expressing a passion for life, colour & light, through a palette of words, camera, canvas and beyond.'

A Little About Me...

My name is Susan Leitch, I was born (Sue-Anne Leitch) of Mississauga, ON. Canada
and raised in the tail end of 1969. I am of Native, French and German descent.

I was a dreamer who often walked on tiptoes but I lacked the grace for ballet.
I was shy but simply bursting at the seams (when alone)  with something that needed an outlet.
My mother put me into tap lessons as a combined cure for this and my introvertedness.

Early mediums included: crayons, silly putty, cottage clay, pencil, pen, paint, cameras, old school video cameras, Realistic audio mixers and keyboards from Radioshack, accoustic guitar,...


Artistic Inspirations:
Nature and creative fluidity... I was a strong swimmer and tree climber as a young girl. I had a strong curiosity of how things worked - so I took things apart (watches, stereos - you name it).

Early art and writing influences included Beatrix Potter and Judy Blume.


Other early artist influences:
My uncle Lou Jessop (ex WWII vet and elevator mechanic and very gifted). He had tons of art instruction books. And we would watch William Alexander, The Magic of Oil Painting. And I cannot forget Bob Ross!


In my 20s, I was an extra in movies and TV shows that were filmed in and around Toronto (such as: Kids In The Hall movie, train passenger in Mrs. Winterborne, in a segment of a made for TV movie series, a show of Due South,...).
But early on I knew that I really enjoy being behind the scenes, observing and telling the story.

I'll probably add more later...

Thanks for reading!

- Susan Leitch

PORTFOLIO: E-mail me for an updated Portfolio.

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