Welcome to my site. I am a writer, multimedia artist and a virtual assistant. To find out more about me, please read my Bio, VA, and Contact Page. 

UPDATE (Feb 2020): This site is currently being restructured.


Susan's Mini AV Studio

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But for now, please feel free to check out my accounts on 3rd party POD (print on demand) providers, RedBubble & Displate.

The Open Book Café is a weekly gathering of book lovers, from around the world. Share your thoughts on moving passages, and characters in play. What better way than to spend a small sweet slice of a somber Sunday? Merch? Yes!

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Amazing Art will be back online, in February, 2020. It's a burst of inspiration, packed into under 2 minute segments. This video series is curated (including voice-over, audio (remixed to shorten and/or add effects and other layers) & video post-production montage) by Susan Leitch.


To all the artists who inspire us to reach higher and go further - Thank you! 💖



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